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[MODDING] Philips Cbright XG2 Impact - LC4445


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[MODDING] Philips Cbright XG2 Impact - LC4445

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 13:48:32  profilanswer

Hi Guys!
I have a commercial video projector. A Philips Cbright XG2 Impact - LC4445. This was a 200W UHP lamp, but i needed to change lamp. I found a description to change the lamp to a BLV TOPSPOT. [...] t_28_1.htm I did it, but the projector not working.  
When i put the power line into the connector, the fans run up and the ballast try to fire the lamp 2 times. I see the discharge arc, but can not keep.
I try this lamp (BLV TOPSPOT 150W G12) only with the lamp bypass. I think it would be worthwhile to recover the lamp bypass to the factory set.
Any ideas thank!

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 16:12:58  profilanswer

hello arpii deja for begun bypasses the lamp detection removes the cover you has a white connector with a dozen just sons quoted you has a connector has 4 sons on which there are 3 sons you cut the beam has 3 cm the red and black wire puts them together and you solder a resistance of 1K ohm between your two sons and the yellow one, you isolate, your VP goes worked without lamp, normally a topsopt should worked but the ballast sends 200W on a lamp of 150W this step is recommended, When the VP is bypassed you can meter toutesles lamps of your choice with a ballast that him corespond, you fall well I comes of install yesterday a led 100W on this VP. you can install a xenon 55W with ballast ext. a xénon 120W with his ballast that you install has the place of the 200W, has you to play this is simple tres if you has a problem not n'ésite asks has

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 16:12:58  profilanswer

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 17:20:24  profilanswer

The bypass has worked well, i has tried with xenon bulb. It has been soldered without resistor. The 55W Auto xenon HID is not enough for this projector. It was too dark even in a darkest room. The white seemed too gray.
If i put a 1K resistor in the circuit as you said. It will work with BLV bulb?
I say once again: When i turn on the projector, i look the ignition arc two times, then a click, and the ballast turns off.

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 20:43:58  profilanswer

good evening your ballast has a problème,la 55W too weak it is normal, this VP works in 200W, on the other hand with a topspot 150W it should have a correct luminosity,ötpE\ý as the ballast has a problem it is necessary for you recovered a ballast of 120W has 150W of brand philips for substitute your ballast that works not and your lamp topspot will work; the kit xenon 120W is a philips no problem to replace it, as decrit a bypassed faith on the card mother it accepts all the methods of lighting

Posté le 08-08-2010 à 23:04:01  profilanswer

You misunderstood a bit. The xenon lamp was used with its own external ballast. I have a KIT. A 55W bulb and an external 55W ballast.
Tomorrow I will try to operate the projector so that I give him some voltage with the 47K resistor addjustment.

Posté le 10-08-2010 à 17:16:55  profilanswer

Me and my friend dismantled the projector once again. My friend discovered a possible error. The ballast has a component with this text: EPCOS 800. My friend said the component not working properly. Probably this component is a high voltage spark gap, but we could not identified that.

Posté le 07-10-2010 à 14:28:41  profilanswer

The projector is still not good. Does anybody have any idea?

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[MODDING] Philips Cbright XG2 Impact - LC4445