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[MODDING] infocus lp650 help


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[MODDING] infocus lp650 help

Posté le 28-12-2010 à 12:57:59  profilanswer

Sorry about language, but i can speak only english.
So the problem is how to modding LP650. (i want install xenon) I try to bridge first and second pin ( RED, GREEN) on ballast, but it wont turn ON, so i think there must be another catch. I add picture of power supply, mother board and ballast. I check on internet but noone made it. Ballast is philips EUC 250
you can reply in French,i will translate with translator


Thanks for your help

Message édité par krivic le 28-12-2010 à 14:06:00
Posté le 28-12-2010 à 19:31:06  profilanswer

At first glance, indeed,
it seems that's red and green.
before going further.  
have you checked when it turned on,  
all other protections were ok (door lamp, fans etc)?
when u tried, is the ballast completly unplugged?
U told, wont turn on, mean nothing no light no power on?
draw a schematic opto's interconnections.
That will help to think about that.
Have a nice day.

Posté le 28-12-2010 à 19:31:06  profilanswer

Posté le 29-12-2010 à 22:16:23  profilanswer

to tell the whole problem (i relamp sony vpl-ex3 with xenon so i have some experience)
I bought lp650 as faulty lamp. When i plug cable there is green led as normally. I pushed ON button, only the fans go ON for some second and then OFF.  Lamp didnt start up. Never got any error/problem with red led. I disasembled whole projector to bypass door and solder wire directly on fan. I tested and projector went ON, lamp ON so completely work.I reseted lamp timer. Then i turned it OFF and now is the same as on the start. Just fans turn on for some second than OFF. I dont know if problem is in power supply or lamp. I connected pin 1 red and 2 green on ballast,but it is the same. If i know 100% how to bypass then i can start to find problem on power supply. Do i need to connect al three optos?

Message édité par krivic le 29-12-2010 à 22:20:59
Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 30-12-2010 à 00:35:48  profilanswer

Maybe you can try to connect red and green through a 1 kohm resistor.
It's just a suggest that can helps, I needed it too on my Philips Monroe (the simple
connect doesn't made the job in my case).

Posté le 30-12-2010 à 12:33:28  profilanswer

i tested but no succes, there is transistor as switch, so i think resistor is not necessary,....i see that near lamp is photodiode too,so maybe will turn ON when it has exact resistance depends on luminance of lamp?
I think these DLP's are much harder to bypass than LCD

Posté le 01-01-2011 à 10:45:38  profilanswer

Happy new year!
About the resistor, of course its a mistake.
Try to close the circuit between Blue/black
and blue/white with a resistor,
if u disconnect the ballast.
We saw in some case, that can be the solution,
for exemple on the Harfang's beamer.
Another way, on Optoma's models,  
we need to shunt the ballast 1 sec
after power on.
Hope that'll help you.
Have a nice day.

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[MODDING] infocus lp650 help