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[HELP] Infocus LP630 HELP!


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[HELP] Infocus LP630 HELP!

Posté le 13-01-2011 à 15:26:54  profilanswer

Hi there,I have problem with Infocus LP630.Can someone please help me with that.I want to put LED lamp on it,but I cant make it run without a lamp,how can I baypass the ballast?I try allover the net but nothing for this model,I promise to post full guide for modding this projector for other people,if I succeed with it.I post here pictures of projector.
When I press power buton,fans start running,red lamp is blinking,and nothing showing on screen,projector didn’t stop.
 Sory for writing on english.

Message édité par allinside le 13-01-2011 à 19:54:31
Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 13-01-2011 à 16:42:41  profilanswer

Check this pic :
You have to find the same place on your ballast, the 3 black squares on the left.
Take a pic of this part, then put it here.

Posté le 13-01-2011 à 16:42:41  profilanswer

Posté le 13-01-2011 à 19:46:57  profilanswer

Thank you for your reply HarFanG.These are the pic that you ask for..i think...Thay are hard to take a pic,but i hope you will undestand that you have to.

Message édité par friscobg le 13-01-2011 à 19:49:39
Posté le 13-01-2011 à 22:35:59  profilanswer

Salut, j'ai un problème avec Infocus LP630.Can quelqu'un s'il vous plaît m'aider à that.I veulent mettre la lampe LED sur elle, mais je ne peux pas le faire fonctionner sans une lampe, comment puis-je baypass le ballast? j'essaie allover le net, mais rien pour ce modèle, je vous promets de post guide complet pour le modding ce projecteur pour d'autres personnes, si je réussis à mettre it.I ici des photos de projecteur.
Lorsque j'appuie sur buton alimentation, les ventilateurs commencent à courir, feu rouge clignote, et rien afficher sur l'écran, le projecteur ne s'est pas arrêté.

Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 14-01-2011 à 05:32:00  profilanswer

Thanks for the pics, very helpful.
Well ok, check this one :
To bypass the "lamp is here" check, the shunt must be on the top left one.
The short will be on the pins which are the closest of the wire connector, see below :
Then, connect all parts, close the VP, switch the power on, and check how the things are running :)
Note : all wires should be connected like as factory default.
Note 2 : take care about security systems if you don't close the whole projector.

Posté le 14-01-2011 à 18:49:48  profilanswer

Thank you very very mutch mr.HarFanG  :) .Thants make the projector run,realy.But look,why it stays on ''Infocus'' logo?!?If i disconnect the cable thats come from ballast to mainboard,PJ is running and stays on logo screen.If i connect this cable,PJ is running again but dont show nothing,light dont come out of the PJ.... :??: .Do you have a clue why is like that....please help...
Je vous remercie très Mutch mr.HarFanG:.?!?) Thants faire fonctionner le projecteur, comparer realy.But, pourquoi il reste sur''''Infocus logo Si je débranche le câble thats viennent de ballast pour carte mère, PJ est en marche et reste sur le logo i screen.If communiquer ce câble, PJ est en marche à nouveau, mais ne montrent rien n'avez pas, n'avez pas la lumière sortir de la PJ .... :?:. Avez-vous une idée pourquoi c'est comme ça .... s'il vous plaît aider ...

Message édité par friscobg le 14-01-2011 à 18:51:16
Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 14-01-2011 à 19:37:02  profilanswer

You are welcome :)
Did you tried to connect some video device on the VP after the shunt ?
Try to start a movie, and watch if infocus logo will disappears.
Hmmm...the shunt we just made is for bypassing the "is there a lamp" check.
With it in place, the VP do the same if there is or not a working lamp installed.
I thought this is what you asked for.  :jap:

Posté le 14-01-2011 à 22:41:28  profilanswer

You are right,i ask for that and i am realy thankful,for your support mr.HarFanG.Can you please help me with that logo screen.And...i notice just that....when i conect cables that coming from ballast to main board and start the PJ,logo didn't come up,video signal didn't come up and after 2 min. PJ red lamp start blinking,like there is no lamp,or i dont before shunt.If cables from ballast to main board are not connected and i start PJ,logo come up,video signal dont,and again after 2 lamp start blinking,PJ didt stop,but red light blinking and fans start spining faster!!!Did you have any clue,why is like that.I search for similar problems and find that may be there is some kind of a light sensor.... [...] _891_1.htm

Message édité par friscobg le 14-01-2011 à 23:01:57
Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 15-01-2011 à 03:13:48  profilanswer

Citation :

may be there is some kind of a light sensor

Oops !
Yeah, right, it's a DLP projector, so there is a light sensor also.
What you can try for now :
- leave the shunt in place,
- find some kind of lamp like this :
Put it in the VP as a replacement of the original lamp (you can use an ATX PSU as power source).  
With a little luck, this will fool the sensor and the VP will fire :)
Note : on my LP130, I tried first a 12 V 20 W and that was not enough to fool the sensor.
So, another try with a 50 W model made the trick.
REMEMBER : do not try to connect it to the ballast  :)

Message édité par HarFanG le 15-01-2011 à 03:14:28
Posté le 15-01-2011 à 08:25:42  profilanswer

mr.HarFanG sovle it again :).Thanks man realy apricciate your help,i will try soon and response...have a great day

Posté le 15-01-2011 à 08:25:42  profilanswer

Posté le 15-01-2011 à 21:29:25  profilanswer

:( I try this,but nohting changes :(.I dont understand what i make wrong.Lets must all be:I make the opto shunt,take out the whole housing,put the power cable in VP and quite noise is hearing!?put a 50W replacement,before the VP start, empty screen is showing,start the VP it start ok,no red lights,just blinking green.Screen going dark and after 2 light start blinking,and fans start running faster.
 I see that if i ground red cable,thats going from mainboard to the balast,logo is showing when i start the VP?!?video source not display on screen,logo is showing for a few seconds then go away,than show again....and after 2 min....same light and noise fans :( :(Something is wrong and i dont know what...:(

Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 15-01-2011 à 22:23:10  profilanswer

Citation :

Something is wrong and i dont know what..

I agree with that. We need help.
What do you mean by "take out the whole housing" ? Is it the factory bulb ?
Je resume rapidement :
Je lui ai fait shunter l'opto sur ma photo, il a essayé une dichro 50 W.
Il branche, il entend du bruit, pas de loupiote rouge en vue, juste
la verte qui clignote.
Et il se passe rien d'autre, meme en branchant une source à l'entrée.
Là, je sèche, on a besoin d'aide !!!  :)

Posté le 15-01-2011 à 23:05:27  profilanswer

Yes i take out,my old original lamp from a projector,to put 50W replacement.May be for this model i need a motherboard shunt ''bousteur_2 7'' speaks in this post: [...] _626_1.htm .second post

Marre des NAZES !
Posté le 16-01-2011 à 01:12:16  profilanswer

Wait a minute !
You have LP530 and you are talking about a LP630...
On your own pictures, the optos are black and Andredenis has white ones.
Yours are located on the ballast, and it looks like his are on the motherboard.
I advise to not try the same as him, but the ending choice remains yours.

Posté le 16-01-2011 à 11:16:16  profilanswer

Yeah yeah...your right,mmine is LP630,not like Andredenis...just thinking that on that Infocus model he make a second shunt on the motherbord,i wondering what he sunt,may be mine olso need another shunt...thats it...i dont know abouth that light sensor,i didnt see anything like a sensor in the tunel.May be VP is waiting more bright light than my 50W lamp to stay on...!? :??: Thank you for staying with me on that mr.HarFanG.Have a nice day
edit:I just see somewhere on te net that some light sensors need just light,other to be shortet to ground other to voltage

Message édité par friscobg le 16-01-2011 à 12:23:25
Posté le 16-01-2011 à 11:16:16  profilanswer

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[HELP] Infocus LP630 HELP!